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Author Topic: Blog posting, blog post ,bloggers , blogspot , USAbloggers ,Canada article writing  (Read 20 times)


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Hello , welcome to this blog , writing a good blog post or article you need to check out the following , but before I tell you more let me list what you need to check out

Blog post  title
Blog post  keywords
Blog post language and grammar
Blog post content
Blog post  images
Blog post  SEO
Blog post share button
Let us now look at them in details

Blog post title
You need to figure out a good title even before you start writing .

Why you need good  blog post title
Good title attract readers , even if you write a great content without  good attractive content Nobody will read .
SEO, good title should also contain keywords for the search engines to find your post.
Blog post keywords
As I say to my blog  readers every post you write consider keywords . this is because the more unique keywords used the better the post ranking. 

Use keywords that are popular but with less competition.

Get keywords free

Language and grammar

Readers like well written and easy to understand post . readers will read and spend more time in your blog . this will boost SEO and Earning if your using AdSense .

Blog post  content

Blog post  with more content and relevant information rank better online write  detailed blog post to boost your SEO .

Blog post images
Images are good to be placed in your blog post , This is because they will make your post attractive

 1 Tip for your blog post image
Make sure you add alt text keywords to boost your SEO .

Blog post SEO
You don't what to write post and nobody reads it

Make sure you work on each post SEO when writing

Use keywords

Write high quality content

and link your posts

Use this free SEO Tool

Blog post share button
Share buttons will help you get more blog  traffic when you  share with social networks .

I wish you smart and earning blogging Good day .

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