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Author Topic: 8 top best backlinks tools 2020  (Read 65 times)


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8 top best backlinks tools 2020
« on: December 10, 2019, 01:38:00 pm »
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Hello , before I give you links to the tools let me remind you that high Quality backlinks will boost your SEO.

What is backlinks
This are links that point to your blog . Note the more high  authority backlinks pointing to your blog the better ranking of your blog .

Why you need  backlinks
Build blog ranking , as I said you can boost SEO ,
Building brand , your blog will be more know .
3 ways to generate backlinks
 1 . Use of social media , This is where you create pages in networks like Facebook and place links pointing to your blog from Facebook or Twitter .

2.  Use of Guest post , This is where you drop your follow link on other blogs  , Guest post on platform like medium.com,Nobedad.com , and bloglovin.com

3. Comments in other blogs

You can drop links comment on other blogs posts .

4 . buy backlinks , some will buy back links to point to there blogs

5 . use free backlinks generator this is now where what to endup giving you the links to the tools below

 8 Backlinks generator Tools  and makers links









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